Arpacioglu Company founded in 1952 under the name Ahmet and Ali Arpacıoğlu Collective Company and labor-intensive use of technology, production of red lentils have started to a former Armenian stone structure inn was purchased by the Ziylan Group in 2010 and today named as Pürsefa In which is in frond of Old Wheat Market, Tekke Mosque, the Mevlevi Dervish Lodge and Historical Tahmis Cafe.


The company's founders moved the factories with their own investments from this historic building to the first industrial zone in Gaziantep at Nizip Street in 1965. The new and most advanced technology of 1965 was used to operate the lentil factory which capacity of the era's highest-capacity 1 ton/hour for many years and supply the highest quality lentils to Turkey market for many years.

Company in 1980, changed its name as the family's 2nd generations participated in the management. The company named as Arpacıoğlu Food Industry and Trade in 1985 established a new company named as Arpacıoğlu Agricultural Products Industry and Trade Limited Company in Gaziantep 4th Organized Industrial Zone, an area of 25,000 m2 has decided to make new investments. 3rd generation of family members also took part in the management of new company.

With "Arpacıoğlu" and "RSL" registered trademarks, Arpacıoğlu Food has been producing since 1985 and using Buhler-Sortex technology since 1996.


Arpacıoğlu Food processing plants is reflected in production quality by its own experience since 1952. Arpacıoğlu food, starting from the field of quality control, raw material selection and precision intake through the use of advanced technology in production hygiene and quality of production and consequently raising the satisfaction of the customer-the consumer is always at the highest level.

Arpacıoğlu Food is one of the first lentil manufacturer and exporters. Arpacıoğlu has 3000 tons of annual production approximately 20% of which is exported to European countries.